6 Seconds is all you have

6 Seconds is all the time you have to make an impression on the person reviewing your resume. I know, because I’ve spent almost 8 years in maritime recruitment and I know exactly what employers are looking for.  

“Why should I pay someone else?  I know how to type up a resume.”

This may be true but after reviewing thousands of resumes over the years, I can say there have been only a few that have wow’d employers.  As a result, many potentially qualified job seekers miss their opportunity. I sailed for 7 years and worked as a maritime recruiter for almost 8 years!  I have worked with clients that span all segments of the maritime industry and if I have not personally done the jobs you have,  I have worked with candidates who have. I also know how to tailor your resume to fit the job that you are looking to obtain.  My personal experience gives me the advantage of knowing exactly which aspects of your background to highlight on your resume and those which your resume can do without.

Make up the cost of preparing your resume, your first day on the job!

Let’s say you invest $300 for a professional resume that ends up producing a job that pays $80,000/year (base salary).  That's equal to about $40/hour.  $40/hour x 7.5 hours of work  = $300. Worth it?  I'd say so.

The process:

I am able to create a strong resume with not much more than a phone consultation and an email. I’ll use my industry expertise to help you fill in the gaps and create a professionally targeted presentation.  Here are my 3 simple steps:

  • We'll review and discuss your work history together

  • We discuss your career goals and future job targets

  • I identify personal traits of yours that contribute to your current and future success

I'll work my magic! You’ll have your resume within a few days and (my results have shown) a call back from an employer after submittal, typically within 1 week.  

Don’t believe me?  It’s already working for others.

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